KALUGA (lat. Huso dauricus) - freshwater fish of the beluga family, one of the species of sturgeons.

KALUGA has harge, shiny caviar eggs up to 4 mm in diameter often have a dark grey-greenish color, although there are other variations in shades depending on the age of fish.

Kaluga lives long, and spawning only takes place at the age of 16-17. Next time they are able to throw eggs only after 5 years. This fact affects the high price of rare KALUGA caviar.

The average size of adult fish is 3 meters in length, the weight is about 100 kg. Although at one time was caught a rare specimen, which weighed about a ton, and in its 55 years has grown to 5 meters.

The exquisite, soft taste and melting texture of KALUGA caviar is similar to BELUGA caviar.
Ideal for special celebrations or as an unforgettable gift.
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