Vodka to Lemberg caviar 0.7l, 40%

700 ml
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700 ml
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1 l
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ATTENTION! Excessive consumption of alcohol can harm your health.

Alcoholic beverages may not be purchased for, sold or handed over to the persons under the age of 18.
There is no better beverage that pairs better with fine caviar than vodka served ice-cold. This combination has proven its worth for centuries originates from Old Russia: Neither one or the other was allowed to be missing during a festive dinner at the court of the Czar. Yet, not every vodka can keep up with the very delicate taste of this acclaimed delicacy. Thanks to its matchless secret recipe, this precious beverage of the Czar was very mild and light. Our full-bodied and fine Vodka Pod ikru ("Together with caviar") is inspired from an old russian tradition. Crafted through a specific procedure, the vodka holds a very pleasant and gentle taste making it an ideal accompaniment for our fine foods. The fresh aroma and the lightly spicy note of the caviar paired with the soft and lightly salty note form a unique taste experience.
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